• Message to Parents of Prospective Alpha Delts:


    Excellent accommodations.  Great campus reputation.  Alcohol-free housing.  Zero hazing.


    These basics help alleviate concerns parents sometimes have about allowing their son to join a fraternity.  But the Alpha Delta Fraternity stands for more than simply the absence of negative influences.


    Alpha Delta creates a positive and encouraging living environment that empowers each brother to tap into his "better self" and reach a higher potential.  Alpha Delta is unique in its belief that each member will have an impact and be valuable, and through our tradition and values, works to empower each member to achieve their own highest expectations.


    We focus on two things:  Academics and Campus Leadership.


    Our focus on academics begins in recruiting in making sure our candidates come to us with a track record of academic success.  


    Upon joining the fraternity, we take our new members through our first-semester Leadership Program which focuses on activities to get them comfortable with collegiate life and focused on success.  We make sure we provide an environment conducive to studying and learning.  By providing inviting, quiet areas, quiet semi-private rooms, and a study library, Alpha Delts develop consistent and efficient study habits. To keep everyone on track, the house has a scholarship chairman, an Alumni Scholarship Advisor, and a university academic adviser who oversee and maintain scholastic integrity.  


    We also build leaders on campus:  An Alpha Delt was crowned 2015 Homecoming King; we've had more Alpha Delts become student body presidents than any other fraternity, and our members hold other leadership positions in on-campus student organizations.  Alpha Delts lead at Washburn because of our very special relationship with Washburn as the only local fraternity. This involvement is deeply rooted throughout our history, and our Alpha Delta Men carry on our leadership tradition as those who have come before.


    Our members do engage in social activities.  But these are respectful, healthy and rewarding activities that help to create the well-rounded man.  Alpha Delta has chosen to promote a non-alcohol in-house tradition, and so all social activities are held responsibly and with maturity.


    The "Fourteen Pearls" that have been part of our tradition for over 100 years are more than simply words.  These are the values we teach and live, and most probably the values taught to the sons of prospective Alpha Delts.  We emphasize academic achievement, leadership and an enriched and highly rewarding college experience that will create connections and friendships that will last a lifetime.

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