The "Alpha Delta Difference" extends to living at the Alpha Delta Fraternity at 1919 MacVicar which has been Alpha Delta’s home for almost fifty years.  The Alpha Delta House is a stately structure whose foundations date to the 1800's.  Through generous Alumni support, this facility has undergone substantial renovation to expand room size, modernize bathroom and kitchen facilities and upgrade other amenities. 

  • For men living in the house, the Alpha Delta Difference means:


    Highest Quality At the Lowest Cost:
    Alpha Delts enjoy one of the most modern and convenient housing solutions at Washburn and at the lowest cost to the Member. Because we own our own home, pay no “National Dues”, “Pledge Fees” or other “hidden charges", each of our Members receives a scholarship when joining Alpha Delta compared to other alternatives. Low monthly fees include fraternity meals, continental breakfast, housing, and other amenities.  Alpha Delts enjoy meals prepared each day Monday through Friday, with late or early dining options to accommodate classes.

    Largest "Personal Space" at Washburn:
    During the house renovation and responding to members needs, most bedrooms were upgraded to make this personal living space the larger than any alternatives at Washburn University.  Offered as semi-private rooming accommodations, these rooms feature the furniture and amenities for a comfortable and spacious living environment.

    Inviting & Generous Public Areas:
    Lots of space has been reserved throughout the house for social and public use.  These comfortable and spacious public areas feature dual sitting rooms overlooking the extensive front lawn and feature a grand piano, comfortable seating, and historical memorabilia that extend to Alpha Delta's hundred years at the campus.

    Always accessible private study areas and a reading library provide quiet and inviting space for member's individual and group study efforts. And when the studying is done, a modern TV/Game room with a flat-panel TV and gaming options is always open to provide some needed downtime.

    Excellent Kitchen Facilities:

    The main kitchen recently underwent a complete renovation and features modern and well equipped cooking facilities.  There is also a convenient “snack kitchen” where members can keep and cook their own meals.  Also popular with members, the private backyard offers grilling options for fun weekend eating options.   


    Other Upgrade Amenities: 

    The house offers modern bathroom and shower facilities, on-premise laundry facilities, house Wi-Fi, and all the necessary comforts of home.  The private parking area accommodates all in-house members, is private, lighted and camera-secured. 


    Closest Fraternity to Key On-Campus Facilities:

    While the house is technically "off-campus", it enjoys the benefit of being the closest fraternity to the Henderson Learning Center, the Mabee Library, Administration Building, the Law School, and the Student Union.  Alpha Delta also adjoins the Delta Gamma sorority and is the closest fraternity to the on-campus sororities. 


    Privacy & Freedom of being "Off-Campus":

    While the Alpha Delta house is The freedom of being “off-campus” and not subject to the long list of limitations and rules that on-campus life faces.  Alpha Delts enjoy the privacy and comfort of living in a “home” and not a dorm room.  What becomes clear is that no one is just a “number” at Alpha Delta, and everyone living in this house is a member of the Alpha Delta Fraternity.


    Members make their own choices of rooming options, roommates, and house rules.


    Full-time House Mother in Residence:

    The House Mother lives in a private suite in the house, and is always available to help “her boys”. Our housemother is always available for company or soliciting wise advice. She has a warm smile and is a gracious hostess.

  • Alpha Delta Fraternity House


    Alpha Delta Fraternity House


    Alpha Delta Fraternity House


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    Alpha Delta Fraternity House