• Social Life at the Alpha Delta Fraternity


    Deeply engrained in the Alpha Delta's heritage is a responsible and mature social tradition.  College is not all work, study and classes.  It is often said that what one learns outside of the classroom is of equal benefit to that inside because it helps the individual find his way in the world.  A reasonable social life, consistent with good morals and good taste is an important part of the college experience.  

  • Alpha Delta is known and respected by administration, faculty and students on campus. Alpha Delta works to maintain that standing through many ways, including a more mature and cultured social life. Through weekend events, major formal dances and numerous opportunities Alpha Delta's can demonstrate their ability to be gentlemen that maintain the right balance between work and fun.

    Alpha Delts will often pull together a spirited sand volleyball game with a sorority or other group on their private sand volleyball court with the best viewing seats from the balcony. Or after finishing up their studies for the weekend, they might host a backyard barbeque.


    Alpha Delts also rally around the building of the annual Washburn Homecoming Parade float.  Coupled with a sorority on campus, Alpha Delta Fraternity has a long list of awards and recognition for its work to make Homecoming special at Washburn. 

    Alpha Delts also enjoy several longstanding social traditions that include the Alpha Delta formals held annually.

    The Fireman's Ball began in 1932 by then Social Chairman (who went on to design the Washburn College Bible, created the "Ichabod", and received worldwide acclaim as a designer) after a mishap started a fire and the Topeka Fire Department came to the rescue. Today, the Fireman's Ball is a house favorite where the members attend wearing a fireman-themed outfits featuring red shirts and suspenders. In the early days of this ball, the participants rode actual fire trucks to the event!

    The Sweetheart Formal is the last major social event before Spring finals. The party's emphasis centers around the celebration of the member's guests in thanks for their support through the school year.

    The Alpha Delta Wine & Cheese Social is an opportunity each Fall for the Members to introduce Alpha Delta to new Washburn students and welcome back returning students. Kicking off the Fall school year, this event is a great start to the college student's school year.

    Alpha Delta has chosen to promote a non-alcohol in-house tradition, and so each of these functions are held responsibly and respecting state consumption laws.


    Alpha Delta Fraternity House


    Alpha Delta Fireman's Ball